July 13, 2013
Hollywood South Casting

The Actors Alliance Director
Veleka Gray


Award-Winning actor
Billy Slaughter

Are hosting the

Auditioning Techniques Workshop

The Auditioning Techniques workshop is a 2-3 hour intensive course taught by movie professionals. There will be a morning workshop held by renowned actor Billy Slaughter, as well as an evening workshop, held by acting coach/producer Veleka Gray. The workshops are designed to familiarize individuals with several techniques that the instructors have utilized throughout their careers with success.

Billy Slaughter will be teaching students of this workshop the Meisner technique, wherein students will work on a series of progressively complex exercises in order to develop improvisational skills, access an emotional life, and to bring the spontaneity of improvisation and the richness of personal response to textual work. The technique emphasizes "moment-to-moment" spontaneity through communication with other actors in order to generate behavior that is truthful within imagined, fictional circumstances. This workshop is limited to 15 participants.

Veleka Gray will teach students of this workshop a variety of auditioning techniques, proper set etiquette, what to do and not to do in an audition, as well as what to expect at an audition and on the job.

Both workshops will be held at 3634 Coliseum St., New Orleans, LA 70115


An award-winning actor from New Orleans, Billy has taught acting for over a decade and has performed in over 40 films, such as The Campaign, Parker, and Colombiana. The Shadow People, Remember Sunday, The Anna Nicole Smith Story, and a national Post-Its spot. Billy has been honored to work with some of the top talent in the business, including Mr. Hoffman, De Niro, Hackman, Streisand, Stallone, Sandler, and Ferrell.

Veleka Gray is a professional actress, acting coach, writer, and producer with credits in film, television, and Broadway. Her best-remembered parts include "As the World Turns" and on "The Young & The Restless". During the fifteen years she was on daytime, she was a judge for the National Emmy awards; for six years she penned a biweekly column for "Soap Opera Digest". She was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame in 2004. In 2009 she signed on as executive producer of the award-winning short film "Halfway".

Both workshops will be held at 3634 Coliseum St., New Orleans, LA 70115

Auditioning Techniques